Fantasy books I have review.

Adams, P. R.The Journey HomeThe Chain, volume 1
Covelle, KatThe Call
Garcia, Lauren L.Catalyst Moon: Incursion
Hogan, C. C.DirtBook 1: Series 1
Hogan, C. C.Yona and the Beast
Huff, RoyEverville, The First PillarEverville: Book 1
Huff, RoyEverville: The City of WormsEverville: Book 2
Huff, RoyEverville: The Rise of MalloryEverville: Book 3
Klaus, SusanFlight of the Golden HarpyFlight of the Golden Harpy I
Klaus, SusanWaylaidFlight of the Golden Harpy II
Lowry, LoisThe Giver
Ritchie, J. EdwardFall from Grace
Rao, PamitaGates of HeavenGates of Heaven Book 1
Reid, Allison D.Journey to AviadWind Rider Chronicles Book 1
Reid, Allison D.Ancient Voices: Into the DepthsWind Rider Chronicles Book 2
Robertson, JoshuaA Midwinter SellswordHawkhurst Saga Book 1
Scattergood, ReneeShadow Stalker Part 1 Shadow Stalker (Episodes 1 - 6)
Scattergood, ReneeShadow Stalker Part 2Shadow Stalker (Episodes 7 - 12
Scattergood, ReneeShadow Stalker Part 3Shadow Stalker (Episodes 13 - 18)
Williams, PhoenixAlfred Arnold's Great Adventure of No Direction Whatsoever Alfred Arnold Volume 1
Yates, JaneParadox Child (Volume One)Paradox Child (Volume One)
Yates, JTherianthropy (Paradox Child Volume Two)Paradox Child (Volume Two)
Yates, JOriginal Destination (Paradox Child Volume Three)Paradox Child (Volume Three)
Yates, JGarden