Fantasy books I have review.

Adams, P. R.The Journey HomeThe Chain, volume 1
Barrett, C. M. The Dragon Who Wouldn't Fly Dragon's Guide to Destiny Book 1
Covelle, KatThe Call
Cude, PaulBentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past Volume 1
Garcia, Lauren L.Catalyst Moon: Incursion
Hogan, C. C.DirtBook 1: Series 1
Hogan, C. C.Yona and the Beast
Huff, RoyEverville, The First PillarEverville: Book 1
Huff, RoyEverville: The City of WormsEverville: Book 2
Huff, RoyEverville: The Rise of MalloryEverville: Book 3
Klaus, SusanFlight of the Golden HarpyFlight of the Golden Harpy I
Klaus, SusanWaylaidFlight of the Golden Harpy II
Lowry, LoisThe Giver
Ritchie, J. EdwardFall from Grace
Rao, PamitaGates of HeavenGates of Heaven Book 1
Reid, Allison D.Journey to AviadWind Rider Chronicles Book 1
Reid, Allison D.Ancient Voices: Into the DepthsWind Rider Chronicles Book 2
Robertson, JoshuaA Midwinter SellswordHawkhurst Saga Book 1
Scattergood, ReneeShadow Stalker Part 1 Shadow Stalker (Episodes 1 - 6)
Scattergood, ReneeShadow Stalker Part 2Shadow Stalker (Episodes 7 - 12
Scattergood, ReneeShadow Stalker Part 3Shadow Stalker (Episodes 13 - 18)
Williams, PhoenixAlfred Arnold's Great Adventure of No Direction Whatsoever Alfred Arnold Volume 1
Wooden, Mark WyndelBy Virtue Fall: A song of the ShadowShadowdance Saga
Yates, JaneParadox Child (Volume One)Paradox Child (Volume One)
Yates, JTherianthropy (Paradox Child Volume Two)Paradox Child (Volume Two)
Yates, JOriginal Destination (Paradox Child Volume Three)Paradox Child (Volume Three)
Yates, JGarden