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Getting Women of the Way onto Kindle was difficult, involving many iterations, and not at all satisfactory

I first published Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino on June 25th on It took just a few hours to prepare the book for Kindle format using the Building Your Book for Kindle guidelines. Since I wrote the book using styles, this part of the preparation was easy. I wanted a functioning Table…

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Keeping up to date on tools is a necessity for the independent writer/self-publisher. I guess I have my work cut out.

Lately I have been studying about marketing and publishing the book. I have attended webinars and forums hoping to understand social media as a marketing tool. From these, I have a plethora of information about defining the audience, using and developing alluring words, and interacting with the reader. If I were to try to implement…

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Using copyrighted or creative commons music

I have a video for Women of the Way that I want to put to music. The song “I’m Alive” by Celine Dion is perfect, but it is copyrighted and would require licensing. I have been looking for the perfect female vocalist creative commons to use as background music. It needs to be peppy, with…

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