It is always an honor to be featured on other people’s’ blogs. I am grateful to everyone for making this possible.

Guest blogs

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Love and hiking (Section Hiker)

What the Spirit of the Camino taught me about love (The Camino Provides)

Autumn on the Camino  (Part 1)  (Susan A. Royal)

Women on the Camino (Part 2) (Susan A. Royal)

Letter from Spain: Caga and the Camino de Santiago (Shooting the shit)

Perigrina clothing and Spanish culture (

The Camino A Great First Long Walk (The Camping Trail)

Author interviews

Author Interview: Jane V. Blanchard (

Jane V Blanchard, USA: September/October (Good Night and God Bless)

Interview with Author – Jane V. Blanchard (Book Goodies)

Interview with Jane V. Blanchard (Smashwords)

Please welcome Jane V. Blanchard (Clive Eaton)

Talking Shop with Jane V Blanchard (AuthorRise)

TV interview with Richard Mullen on GO GREEN

Other writings

Jane V Blanchard – How Toastmasters has impacted my life (Division C Essay contest)