Femme Fatale by Dominic Piper

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
File Size: 672 KB
Pages: 565

In Femme Fatale by Dominic Piper, Daniel Beckett is the super-human, woman-loving private detective who saves a young teenager from a gang rape. As a result of this rescue, Daniel gets hired by the girl’s “uncle” to find a missing person. The story becomes more intriguing and convoluted with each little discovery. Beckett’s prowess in sleuthing and combat also extends to sexual liaisons.

I loved the first person narration which pulled the story together and made Beckett seem more human than the stereotypical superhero. The pace is steady and the story seems to unravel in real-time.

I found Femme Fatale an enjoyable read and recommend it especially to people who enjoy Ian Fleming’s books.