I am an indie author supporter. As a result, I read a variety of books. To be fair to my readers and authors, I post my review criteria below. Check it out to get a feeling of how I rate my books.

How do I rate a book?

Since most people are accustomed to the five-star ratings found on Amazon and Goodreads, I will use them too. This is what the ratings mean to me:

  • One star: Not worth the read.
  • Two stars: Poor rating, nothing to write home about, though some might enjoy it.
  • Three stars: Average. Has merits. Recommend for some, not for others.
  • Four stars: Captivating, would recommend for everyone.
  • Five stars: A must read, nearly flawless.

My reviews reflect my opinion of the book. Did it, foremost, entertain me? Did it move me to laughter or tears? Did it inspire me. Was it suspenseful—did I lose sleep because I could not put it down? Did it scare the bejesus out of me? Was it well-written or laden with misspellings and grammatical errors? I ask myself all of this questions and more when I rate a book.

I hope you enjoy my reviews.