A Thousand Fiendish Angels by J. F. Penn

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Horror
File Size: 354 KB
Print Length: 39 pages

A Thousand Fiendish Angels by J. F. Penn is a collection of three interlinking short stories inspired by Dante’s Inferno. The first story, “Sins of the Flesh,” is my least favorite story because it does not read like other stories by J. F. Penn—I missed her voice. In this short tale, a police officer investigates a brutal murder and is lustful of all that belonged to the deceased man. In the dead man’s diary, the investigator learns about a book that the dead man used to summon the spirit that granted “self-indulgent pleasures.” Does he find the book?

The second story, “Sins of Treachery,” is about two rivaling twin brothers. Using their grandfather’s map, they go to the Arctic in search of gems and diamonds. Simon administered to his aging grandfather while the favored brother,Gestas, deserted the old man for
“a string of women and exotic travels.” The bad feeling between the brothers festers and manifests in the arctic caves. What happens to them may surprise you.

In my favorite of the three stories, “Sins of Violence,” Ari returns to Dis to liberate her sister who about to be ritually offered to The Minotaur.  Can Ari save her sister from this creature of the dark? A Strong female protagonist does what is necessary to rescue her sibling.

This collection of fiendish is a delightful way to spend an hour. Enjoy.