The Barefoot Sisters Southbound

Ratings: 5 Stars
Genre: Hiking/Memoir
ASIN: B00318D0VY
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ISBN-10: 0811735303
ISBN-13: 978-0811735308
Pages: 484

Could you walk on stones, pebbles, hot or icy surfaces, sticks, mud, and whatever else the Appalachian Trail can throw at you? It’s difficult to imagine especially knowing that most through-hikers destroy multiple sets of boots along the way. Yet, this is just what the The Barefoot Sisters chose to do. In their book, The Barefoot Sisters Southbound (Adventures on the Appalachian Trail) Lucy Letcher (Isis) and Susan Letcher (jackrabbit) describe not only their adventure but also their hopes, failings, sibling relationship, hiker camaraderie, love affairs, and trail life in general.

Both sisters are excellent writers. I loved that they knew plant names and how to use them. I loved the song they wrote for each state. But most of all, I loved their honesty, letting us see both the good and bad sides of their characters.

This book is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys reading about adventure, human struggles, and the joy of accomplishing one’s goals.