Hiking the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman’s Journey by Jennifer Hanson

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Nonfiction/Hiking
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ISBN-10: 1568251203
ISBN-13: 978-1568251202
Printed length: 275 pages

Right from the prologue, Jennifer Hanson hooked me with her captivating story and beautiful descriptions. Hiking the Continental Divide Trail: One Woman’s Journey is a fast-paced story of her six month adventure. Though Ms. Hanson hiked the first portion with her husband and she does reveal moments of tenderness towards him, the book is her story. I loved the way she lets the reader into her mind as she struggles with finding herself on the trail. During the hike, she deals with her father’s recent death. When her husband’s injury takes him off the trail, she continues without him. Though she loves hiking alone, making decisions, facing dangers, and trusting her instincts, she is at times lonely, frightened, and courageous. This is a remarkable feat told by a remarkable woman. I recommend the book.