Suits And Ladders by Suzen Fromstein

Ratings: 5 Stars
Genre: Educational/Business
File size: 1136  MB
ISBN-10: 0988151502
ISBN-13: 978-0988151505
Print length: 128 pages

Suits And Ladders by Suzen Fromstein is down-to-earth advice gleaned from 102 corporate workers.  Having worked in the corporate field over thirty years, this advice seemed very basic and simplistic until I realized that Ms. Fromstein’s targeted audience is those starting out or in transition. For them, this advice is invaluable and on-target.

Ms. Fromstein’s humor and casual writing style make it easy to focus on what is important. Case studies help the reader understand the concepts and takeaways at the end of each chapter summarize the chapter’s significant points.

This is a great book for learning the ins and outs of corporate culture. It would make a great gift for those entering the corporate world or having difficulty adjusting to it.