I’ll Have The Soup and Salad (Know about Cooking Series Volume 1) by Katherine Baldwin

Rating: 3 Stars
Pages: 122
File Size: 222 kb
ISBN: 1481091522

I’ll Have The Soup and Salad (Know about Cooking Series Volume 1) by Katherine Baldwin is my first review of a cookbook. I enjoy cooking both soups and salads; I especially like recipes that are proven and easy to follow. Ms. Baldwin’s made-from-scratch recipes are easy to follow and written for the novice or experienced cook. Each recipe lists the cooking times and nutritional facts and many have tips on freezing, storage, substitutes, or alternate methods.

This is not just a cookbook. Ms. Baldwin makes you feel as if you are sitting in her kitchen as she shares her recipes. She describes with humor how she developed and tested the recipe for chicken and dumplings on her father-in-law, who was a connoisseur of the soup. Other unusual soups include Salmon Stew, She Crab Soup, and Blue Cheese and Vegetable.

Among all the testy-sounding soups listed in the book, I decided to make the chicken and dumplings first.  The soup was simple to cook, filled the house with a most delicious aroma, and had a  down-home flavor. One guest commented that this was the best chicken and dumplings that he ever ate.  I believe that it is worth purchasing this book just for this one recipe.

The salad section is scant. One recipe for basic vinaigrette salad dressing, one for homemade croutons, seven salads, and a list of popular salad ingredients. I was surprised to come to the end of the chapter so quickly.

The book cover is enticing with a colorful picture of soup, salad and bread. I  downloaded the book to the Kindle Fire and I was disappointed to find that there were no pictures within the cookbook. Since it is so easy to add pictures to an e-book, I assume that this was a deliberate choice. Nevertheless, I was left wanting more.

In all, this book offers good recipes, humor, and cooking tips and techniques. If you like step-by-step instructions when you cook, I recommend this book for you.