How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: How-to
File size: 1415 KB
Print length: 118 pages

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes: A Beginner’s Guide (Marketing Matters) by Jeff A. Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn, and Martin Warner is a helpful primer for those wanting to get started with Pinterest. It explains how to find your way around Pinterest, how to use Pinterest for an event, what the difference is between following and followers, 10 powerful ways to use Pinterest for business, how to cash in on Pinterest, how to promote your website through Pinterest, and copyright concerns.

This a helpful book for those who know nothing about Pinterest. It gives easy-to-follow steps for setting up an account and getting started. For those new to using Pinterest as a business tool, it provides practical action steps. The activities suggested are simple, it is up to the user to decide the depth of detail and complexity of their Pinterest board. The book discusses how to develop a niche, spotlight your talent, and become an authority on Pinterest.

I recommend this book for those just starting to use Pinterest for their business.