Engagement from Scratch! by Danny Iny

Ratings: 3 Stars
Genre: Educational/Business
ASIN: B006E56P4
File size: 571 MB
ISBN-10: 1466382007
ISBN-13: 978-1466382008
Print length: 240 pages

Engagement from Scratch!: How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same! is a great reference for those wanting to learn how to develop and engage an audience. Topics discussed in sections include General Principles, Know and Love your Audience, Why and How to do Content, Why and How to do Social Media, Be Your Passionate Self, Stories and Lessons Learned, and Step by Step.

In this book, Danny Iny compiles stories from thirty leaders of community builders, each with compelling reasons for engagement and tips on how to do so. The advice for new entrepreneurs is priceless, all revolving about one central topic: engagement. Because of this single-minded theme, I got bored with the book and found myself skimming the selections for those pearls of wisdom, which turned out to be only a few repeated so often it became tedious.

I also found the book poorly constructed, almost as if it were put together in haste. A little more attention to spelling and book formatting would have made a big difference.  In spite of this, I gave the book three stars because I believe the information in the book can benefit those such as myself who want to develop a following and engage the audience. Also, Danny Iny is giving this book away, making it available to readers of his blog. Why don’t you pick up a copy and see what you can learn?