Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life by Becca Chopra

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In Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life, Becca Chopra explains very basically how to use Chakras or energy centers within the body to bring about changes in one’s life. She explains each of the Chakras, its effect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By using the “wheel of light” associated with Chakra, she explains, one “can directly influence particular areas of your lives from financial security, your sex life and self esteem to how we give and receive love, express ourselves and practice spirituality.”

She also explains the Hawaiian Dynamind process that “anyone can use anywhere, anytime to balance their life in just minutes a day.” Ms. Chopra then gives explicit details on how to use this simple Dynamind Process and includes pictures to demonstrate each step.

She then describes using the Dynamind process with each Chakra while using the Chakra’s particular light and tone. If you have never practice using Chakras and the Dynamind process, this quick book provides the basic instructions for doing so. Someone with more experience might find the book too simplistic.