Educational / How-To

This is a lists of Educational and How-to books that I have reviewed.

Baldwin, KatherineI’ll Have The Soup and Salad (Know about Cooking Series Volume 1)
Chopra, BeccaBalance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life
Coursen, Elizabeth HuntoonThe Book Tourist: Seven Steps to a Wildly Successful Book
Fromstein, SuzenSuits And Ladders
Fromstein, SuzenWant to Inform, Influence and Entertain like a Pro?
Hamilton, Jeff A., Trimborn, Evelyn, Warner, MartinHow to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes: A Beginner’s Guide (Marketing Matters)
Iny, DannyEngagement from Scratch!
Lansky, D’vorahBook Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online
Macy, SueWheels of Change
Mason-Charles, OliviaPaper in the Wind: Peeling back the lifespan of autism
Penn, JoannaBusiness For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur
Weissman, JerryIn the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions…When It Counts