The Long Road Home by Alesa Teague

Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Non-fiction
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ISBN: 10: 0991460901
ISBN: 13: 978-0991460908
Pages: 346

I just loved The Long Road Home: One woman’s true story of reclaiming her life along the legendary Camino de Santiago by Alesa Teague . Though the setting is the Camino de Santiago, the story is about the author, her past, and her recovery from the painful haunts. 

Written in the first person, Ms. Teague slowly reveals her pain. Just when you think that a person should not have to suffer more, she reveals a dark childhood secret.

The Long Way Home shows the curative powers of the Camino, “that never gives you more than you can handle.” She discusses how the Camino scrubbed her mind and soul until “not knowing what I’d come here for, I seemed to have found it. The answer was Me.”

The book is honest, fresh, and definitely worth five stars. I recommend it for readers who enjoy inspiring books, stories of overcoming adversity, or the life-changing powers of the Camino.