Pilgrimage in Terror by Katie Barron

Ratings: 4 Stars
Pages: 204
Genre: Travel/ Camino
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ISBN-10: 0993146848
ISBN-13: 978-0993146848

Pilgrimage in Terror: Walking Away from Terrorism by Katie Barron describes the personal inner journey that Ms. Barron undergoes while walking a section of the Camino de Santiago. Each day on her thirteen-day pilgrimage she selects a topic to ponder. As she talks about the War on Terror in the introduction, she sets the tone for the book and gives us a glimpse into her thought processes and character: she is an unorthodox thinker (so refreshing!), tenacious in her beliefs, and just quirky enough to be interesting. Though she ponders a variety of topics, my favorite chapter was “Day Eleven: The Arms Trade.” I loved her humorous approach and conclusions.

If you are looking for a travelogue about the Camino, this is not the right one for you. This is the story of a woman’s trying to make sense of the world as she is transformed from “an apolitical bohemian writer-teacher into a political activist.” With the pilgrimage as background, you follow her thought processes as she struggles to “find ways to talk about ‘not killing’ that  would make it seem like it mattered whether we killed or not; and [she] wanted to work out how to live and feel about life against an ongoing backdrop of war.”

I gave this book four stars. It is provocative, entertaining, and humorous.