Pilgrimage to Heresy: Don’t Believe Everything They Tell You by Tracey Saunders

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 388
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Pilgrimage to Heresy: Don’t Believe Everything They Tell You (The Camino Chronicles) relates two stories. The first is of modern-day Miranda who is walking the Camino de Santiago. She meets Kieran, a priest in training, and their conversations cause Miranda to question her beliefs. Kieran gives Miranda a package to carry and protect as she travels to Santiago. With this package comes a mystery.

The second story is of 4th-century Priscillian of Avila, a Gnostic bishop, who is persecuted by his peers for his beliefs and called a heretic and a witch. After reading his story, the reader wonders whose remains actually rest in St. James’ tomb.

Both are love stories: love between two people, and love between friends.

Of the two, I found Priscillian’s story more interesting, better crafted, with realistic dialog. It also provided me with insights as to what was going on in the Church during the formative centuries. I appreciate the research that Ms Saunders did to write this book and her talent for devising a captivating story. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.