Tall Tales: The Great Talisman of Height by Bill Walker

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Biographies and Memoirs
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ISBN-10: 1494222108
ISBN-13: 978-1494222109
Pages: 194

In his book Tall Tales: The Great Talisman of Height, Bill Walker speaks about height with humor, humility, and honesty. If you are of normal height, you may never have considered what life is like at the height extremes. If that is the case, this book is an eye-opener.

More than a memoir, Tall Tales is an analysis of what life is like for the people who are too tall or too short. Mr. Walker discusses the pros and cons of height and its effect on people throughout the ages. Though these anecdotes are interesting, I found his personal story compelling. Mr. Walker’s height has a has been both a benefit and disadvantage. He has met interesting people and has had worldwide adventures. He credits his height to not following the herd and finding liberation in being different.

His outlook is inspiring. Though is must be aggravating to be asked repeatedly (about 75,000 times) how tall he is, Mr. Walker, for the most part, takes it in stride understanding that it is human nature to be curious. When being next to a tall person, the shorter one can become aggressive, as discussed in the book, and Mr. Walker discusses several of these life-threatening situations.

I enjoyed the read (tough the ebook needs editing) and recommend it to those who want a different perspective.