Strange Piece of Paradise by Terri Jentz

Rating: 3 stars
ISBN-10: 0312426690
ISBN-13: 978-0312426699
ASIN: B0046A9M90
Genre: Memoir
Pages: 560
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The official title is Strange Piece of Paradise: A Return to the American West To Investigate My Attempted Murder – and Solve the Riddle of Myself. Though the attack was atrocious, I found reading Ms. Jentz account of her search to find out who attacked her and why a very painful read. It is too long and extremely repetitive. I got bored with her detailing each step she undertook to find out who nearly killed her and her friend. Though it may have been cathartic for her to write the book, it was grueling for me to read it.

In fairness, I do not usually read true crime books. Perhaps someone who enjoys the genre would enjoy this book.