Graciela, No One’s Child by Grace Banta

Rating: 4 stars
ISBN-10: 1450225276
ISBN-13: 978-1450225274
Genre: Memoir
Pages: 240
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Graciela, No One’s Child by Grace Banta is a captivating story of faith in one’s self and the determination to follow a dream. Graciela was abducted when she was about 6 months old and taken to Mexico. There, the woman told everyone that Graciela was her daughter. Graciela could not believe, even at an early age, that this woman who beat her, chained her to a tree, and forced her to work or go without eating could be her mother. When she was eight years old, Graciela overheard a conversation confirming her suspensions. From that day forward, her purpose in life was to find her mother and siblings.

Until members of her adult family encourage Grace to write her memories, she keeps these stories very private. Even her sister-in-law is unaware of Grace’s history.  As she writes, Grace is often brought to tears recalling the horror that she lived through, the frustration of always coming to dead ends, or moved at the compassion and kindness of strangers. If you are looking for a story of a courageous woman, this is it.