The Trainee by Brenda Shaw

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Young Adult
ASIN: 0995472327
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ISBN-10: 0995472327
ISBN-13: 978-0995472327
Pages: 228

The Trainee by Brenda Shaw is a quick-paced mystery involving young adults. One day, George Colier tells his friends Alex, Harry, and Angela that his father and family are being threatened. Alex who would like to become a private investigator talks the others into going undercover at their summertime jobs in hopes of aiding Paul Collier. Will the young investigators discover why Mr. Collier is being blackmailed? Will they be able to foil the criminals?

I enjoyed the story even if at times it seemed unrealistic that these young sleuths could outwit the criminals and outsmart the police. The characters are likable and work well as a group. It’s a fun read and I recommend it to adults and young adults.