Melody Jackson v. the Woman in White by B.M.B. Johnson

Ratings: 2 Stars
Genre: YA, Supernatural
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Pages: 106

At the start, Melody Jackson v. the Woman in White by B.M.B. Johnson appeared to be an excellent read. I loved Melody Jackson’s character and the repartee she had with her parents made me laugh.  Though the dialog drags at times, I found it fun to read.

The plot is original. Melody’s curiosity and imagination led he to believe that there is something unworldly happening at the weather station in her neighborhood. A ghost woman dressed in white appears at the same time each week and then is taken back into the building by a creature. The night Melody and her parents go to witness the apparition, they notice a van with two passengers who are also interested in the apparition. They seek the help of Chazz, a former police officer, and her friend Melika who have explored other ghostly apparitions. The night the four investigate the woman in white, strange things happen with the van and it occupants. Then, someone goes missing.

Up to this point, I enjoyed the book. Then, it ended abruptly with nothing resolved. The author apparently thought he was hooking the reader for the next episode, but it did not work for me. I felt cheated.

If you don’t mind reading books that take you to a climax without a denouement, you might enjoy this book. Hopefully, the second book in the series will resolve the mysteries and not keep you hanging until the third installment to find out what happened.