Leatherback by Mi Wae

Ratings: 3 Stars
Pages: 209
Genre: Women’s Fiction
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Leatherback by Mi Wae is the story of a woman who, while vacationing in Wales, sees a leatherback turtle lay eggs on the shore. She then takes it upon herself to protect the eggs until they hatch. She cleans the beach, fights with neighbors about bright lights and noise, and tries to get the local environmentalist involved.

No one believes that the leatherbacks are laying eggs this far north. Besides, everyone thinks that Margarethe is a kook, who drinks too much.

While Margarethe sits on the beach protecting her eggs, she reminisces about her childhood and dismal life, At times, it is hard to know if she is actual seeing people or visualizing them in her drunken stupor.

I didn’t like Margarethe. I found her self-aggrandizing and not a nice person. In spite of that, I felt sorry for her as she alienated others with her crusade.

The plot is loose and the book needs editing. If you can overlook double words, missing words, and other grammatical errors, you might enjoy this story.