The White Jaguar by William Appel

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
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ISBN-10: 0931933021
ISBN-13: 978-0931933028
Pages: 268

What I liked most about William Appel’s The White Jaguar were the descriptions of the Amazon jungle and the people with it. I could see, hear, and smell the environs and see the particular details of the characters in the story. Kudos to Mr. Appel for making the read almost cinematic with his attention to detail.

Bad things happen to good people, but the way things happen is what makes the difference in this story. Ava, a herpetologist, goes missing in the jungle and her brother, Michel Russ, joins her best friend and American gymnast, Nicole, to find her. Nicole’s love and understanding of the Amazon people and culture help Michel locate his sister’s body and the man responsible for her death, Carl Buchreiser. the cocaine smuggler that the local Indians all The White Jaguar,

The story is suspenseful and develops quickly. In addition to enjoying the read, I learned a lot about the Amazon jungle and the way the Indians live and are being eradicated by the White Man’s pursuit of cocaine and the appeal of the modern way of life.If you enjoy learning while being entertained, I highly recommend The White Jaguar.