The Watcher Within by William Appel

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
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ISBN-10: 0770105521
ISBN-13: 978-0770105525
Pages: 233

Imagine suffering from agoraphobia, unable to leave your apartment. Frank Silver, stuck in his house, watches the goings-on in the street below. When he sees women entering the Kabbalah Institute and not leaving, he knows that something is wrong but is unable to convince the police. During this time, Frank meets a Karen and starts to face his fears.

When Joseph Goodman, the murder who is hiding in the institute overhears the police mention Frank Silver’s name he starts to stalk the watcher. Will Frank overcome his phobia to save himself and his girlfriend?

I wish the book had been narrated in the first person. It would have made Frank Silver’s character more invoking and provided me with a better glimpse into agoraphobia while entertaining me with a suspenseful tale.