The Orlov Diamond by Benjamin Kuttner

Rating: 4-Star
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
File Size: 1070 KB
Pages: 234

In The Orlov Diamond by Benjamin Kuttner, two treasure hunters from the Discovery and Exploration Club, Jonathan Lloyd and Simon Ladbrook, are hired to retrieve the Orlov diamond that was recently stolen from the Kremlin. Yuliya Yusupova, the bodyguard and translator for one of the oligarchy, is their interpreter. Together they follow clues, race others who are searching the diamond, and fight for their lives.

The story is entertaining and I enjoyed Yuliya’s character and the bantering between her and Lloyd. There are a few surprises that make the story exciting. This is a good, quick read.

Benjamin Kuttner created a great team for D&E, I look forward to reading about their next adventures.