Isolated by Matt Rogers

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
File Size: 3033 KB
Pages: 273

I really liked Isolated by Matt Rogers even though the protagonist, Jason King,  unrealistically survives beatings, combats 10 mercenaries at a time, and lives to save the day. But, I liked Superman also. Though the story was repetitive at times, I enjoyed the tale of one principled person fighting against those who compromise their morals for money.

Jason Kings sit down by the side of the road to enjoy the evening and witnesses an assassination. When the assailants discover that he witnessed the murders, Jason must defend himself and so starts the trail of dead bodies and the search for whoever ordered the killings. As the story develops, Jason must decide who is on his side and how he will prevent a possible terrorist attack.

If you enjoy action-filled stories, I recommend Isolated the first book in the Jason King Series.