Freezing Point by Karen Dionne

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
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ISBN-10: 051514536X
ISBN-13: 978-0515145366
Pages: 320

Freezing Point by Karen Dionne is about several companies vying for the technology to melt the Antarctic icebergs into drinking water. To gain an advantage, Don Gillette, the head of the Soldyne Corporation is unscrupulous. His antics set off a series of events that result in the death of many researchers and workers at the polar cap, the potential of releasing tons of fresh water in the oceans around Antarctica—a potential tipping point in the fragile ecosystems, and marketing contaminated drinking water to L.A.

My favorite character is researcher Zo Zelinsk. She is strong, resourceful, and  a survivor, but can any one person realistically survive the ordeals she goes through? The other characters are not as well-developed. Ben Maki, a Soldyne engineer, hopes to solve the world’s water shortage. When he discovers what Gillette has done, he does not wrestle long in a moral conflict between money and doing the right thing. Ross, the microbiologist known as the Iceman to students around the world, teams with Zo to save as many researches as possible from the happenings at the station.

Ms. Dionne shows how one environmental change can have unexpected and catastrophic effects. The real villains are the rats that came with the early explorers. Her descriptions of these rodents terrified me more than most horror fictions. I could envision them better than a movie, which made it all that more frightening.

Greed, betrayal, eco-terrorism, and a strong scientific lean coupled with quick actions and plot twists makes this a trilling read.