Broken by Gordon Hopkins and Nick Stephenson

Rating: 2 stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
File size: 2487 KB
ISBN-10: 1533119740
ISBN-13: 978-1533119742v
Print length: 312 pages

I was very disappointed in Broken by Gordon Hopkins and Nick Stephenson. The front cover claims that this a Leopold Blake thriller but his character does not appear until chapter 46 (59%) of the book. The previous forty-five chapters ramble on about seemingly separate terrorist acts that may have been instigated by a woman.

The repartee that I loved between Sargent Mary Jordan and Leopold Blake is missing and I felt the absence. As if the soul of the book were missing.

The storyline is not cohesive and the text is in need of editing.

Had I read this book first, I would not have read the series, and that would have been a shame.