Abyss: A Kirk McCarvey Novel

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
ASIN: B0017098GY
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ISBN-10: 9780765324108
ISBN-13: 978-0765324108
Pages: 496

In addition to the Abyss’ main character,  former CIA director Kirk McGarvey, David Hagberg created strong female characters. Eve Larsen is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist who is working on solving the world’s energy solution by using the Gulf Stream currents. Gail Newby is the head of security at the Hutchinson Island nuclear power plant when contract-killer Brian DeCamp tries to destroy the  facility. I found it annoying and perhaps a little cliche that Hagberg has the two women vying for Kirk’s affection. A third female character, Anne Marie Marinaccio, is the villain who hires DeCamp.

This is  fast-paced thriller involving the oil industry’s attempt to sabotage nuclear and coal power plants in hopes of increasing demand and profit for oil. When Eve Larsen develops an alternate solution to oil-based power generation, the oil industry hires Brian DeCamp to destroy her and her experiments. They also encourage Rev. Schalgel to use his ministry to stir up antagonism and fear among his following. Calling Eve’s experiment The God Project, Schalgel riles his followers such they destroy her lab and are accused of trying to assassinate her.

The story and characters are plausible, especially within the current world politics. Though I would not call this book a page-turner, the fast-paced action keeps you wanting to read. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes techno-thrillers.