Under Her Skin by Margo Bond Collins

Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Supernatural Thrillers
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ISBN-10: 0692722319
ISBN-13: 978-0692722312
Pages: 268

Under Her Skin by Margo Bond Collins was the first snake-shifter book that I’ve read and I enjoyed the story. I found it ironic that one of the first shapeshifters that Lindi Parker meets is a mongoose, an animal that normally hunts snakes.

Lindi’s adoptive parents raised her to control and hide her serpentine nature. She thought she had been successful in doing this until a child she was counseling at the Child Advocacy and Protection Center (CAP-C) tells her that she shifted her hand to kill her abuser. The child admits doing this because she recognizes that Lindi is a shapeshifter just as she is and feels that her secret is safe.

And so starts Lindi’s journey into the shapeshifting world. She learns that she is a Lamia, a half-human-half-snake creature who had until this time been believed extinct. She learns that there are enough shapeshifters in her community to have specialized doctors and nurses to treat them the local hospital. Unfortunately, the other shifters do not trust her.

While treating this child, Lindi meets Dr. Nevala (Dr. Mongoose). Together they try to figure out who is killing the shapeshifter children. To solve the mystery and stay alive, Lindi must accept her reptilian nature while trying to remain human.

If you enjoy supernatural thrillers, Under her Skin is a quick and entertaining read, especially after the first couple of chapters when the editing and story improve. I’m glad I stuck out to the end.