Caged by Onaiza Khan

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Supernatural Thrillers
File size: 405 KB
Pages: 130

Onaiza Khan’s Caged is an interesting supernatural thriller about a newly married woman who is being held captive by her husband. Written in the first person, you, the reader, get to unravel the mystery as Noor, the protagonist, does. Why is she held captive by the man who claims to love her? Who is she and what is her past? Who else is imprisoned and being tortured? How can she escape?

It is easy to relate to Noor’s character. Perhaps because this is a relatively short book, some of the players are not as well-developed. Since this is a first in the series, I imagine more about the characters will be revealed in the subsequent books.

I hope you enjoy this book by the up-and-coming writer.