Attrition of the Gods by P.G. Burns

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
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ISBN-10: 1518818323
ISBN-13: 978-1518818325
Pages: 210

Attrition of the Gods by P. C. Burns is the first book in the mystery thriller series “Gods Toys.” Many conspiracy theorists believe a small group of individuals controls the world’s events and money; P. C. Burns’s take is that this secretive group comprises Djinns and Arc Hons, superior sentient beings playing a game for the control of the world. To these beings, humans are inferior creatures, Gods’ toys that can be manipulated for the benefit of the game. Fortunately, there are Watchers who supervise these entities to ensure that they play by the rules. 

When the rules are broken and mankind seems doomed, something or someone (a watcher?) helps mankind regain its footing and battle the Djinns and Arc Hons. Who is assisting mankind is unknown at the end of this book. Will it be revealed in book 2?

In addition to the supernatural characters, the author introduces humans who, I believe, will be major players in the subsequent books. Though I enjoyed the character and plot developments of this first book, I felt the story was incomplete. There were a lot of beginnings: the individual stories, the background leading to the upcoming battles, and the story of the Djinns and Arc Hons, but there were no major conflicts and no conclusions. It is as if this book were a prelude for what is to come.

I recommend this book for adults (language) who enjoy a dark fantasy with a social commentary and who are willing to wait for the second book for the rest of the story.