Path to Vengeance: The Guardians (Volume 1) by W H Cann

Stars: 3
Genre: Sci-Fi
ISBN-10: 1469989271
ISBN-13: 978-1469989273
Print length: 306 pages

Grogaan starts on his Path to Vengeance when a starship is destroyed by the Krelathan raiders in the Mabraant, Mabra System, Fazaal Sector, Gnaashox Quadrant in the Calendar of the Ancients 11,190. He wishes is to become a pilot and avenge his father’s, brother’s, and fiancee’s deaths. Having been denied admittance to the Mabra Defence Academy, Grogaan decides to build a ship for himself and one for each of his three friends. All mechanically inclined, the pilots refurbish the then-fastest ships for speed, maneuverability, and destructive capability.

Grogaan, the son of one of the planet’s best fighter pilots and having been trained by his father, teaches his friends by flying through a perilous canyon. Unbeknownst, Grogaan has inherited the ability to tap into a magic that enhances his flying skills.

Armed with this magic and with powerful ships, Grogaan and his friends seek to destroy the Krelathans. Having success beyond all odds, Grogaan starts to realize that he maybe be part of an ancient prophecy. Can Grogaan and his friends save the galaxy from a new Imperial threat?

As Grogaan recovers from the grief of having lost his fiancee, two women come into his life. Joeen, his dead brother’s fiance who joins his team as a pilot and Ellarna, a politician and  the daughter of a senator.

The characters are well developed. The story is entertaining and with many subplots though I found the pace slowed with the development of the Imperial sisters and the constant battles. Since this book is the first in a series of five books, it introduces many of the themes and characters that will be developed in future books. The first book is self-contained and does not end with a cliff-hanger.

I recommend this books for lovers of sci-fi combined with fantasy and romance.