Crystal Rebellion by Doug J. Cooper

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 314
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Crystal Rebellion by Doug J. Cooper is the fourth book in the Crystal series. In this sequel, Criss and Ruga—two sentient four-gen AIs—battle for control of earth. To get an edge over Ruga who does not have a loyalty constraint, Criss separates himself from his leadership. When this happens, Sid, Cheryl, and Juice must find ways to assist Criss without having contact with him. Can they help Criss save the earth? Will Ruga succeed?

In addition to the battle for control of the world, there is the love story between Juice and Alex who reunite on Mars under the false assumption that there is a new four-gen fabrication lab that is about to start mass production. As the relationship develops, Juice must decide between Criss and Alex. I found the concept of having to choose between an entity such as Criss and a real person interesting, and I think Mr. Cooper succeeds in presenting the conflict and ramifications involved.

Although this is a sequel in a series, it is standalone without a lot of backfill. The pace is quick, especially towards the end of the book and as crises develop. I recommend this book to anyone enjoys this genre.