From Chaos Born by Michael R. Hicks

Stars: 4
Genre: Sci-Fi
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ISBN-10: 0988932105
ISBN-13: 978-0988932104
Print length: 290 pages

From Chaos Born is the first in the In Her Name: The First Empress Series by Michael R. Hicks. Written after the other books in the series, it describes the rise of the Dark Queen, Syr-Nagath. As she goes about conquering her Homeworld, Kunan-Lohr, a great warrior and master of the city Keel-A’ar asks for permission to go on leave from battle to return home for the birth of his child. Syr-Nagath only grants him permission if he agrees to mate with her.

When his daughter, Keel-Tath is born, she is different from others of her kind, and some believe she is the child prophesied to unite her race. For this reason, the Dark Queen cannot let the child live. Will she be saved?

This is a good read and introduction to the later books in the series. It describes the alien world and its customs, making it easier to understand the Keelans when they come to battle earth. If you enjoy reading about alien worlds, or fast-paced stories with a great plot, you will enjoy this book.