Bitter Harvest by Michael R. Hicks

Rating: 5-Star
Genre: Sci-Fi thriller
Series: Book 2 in Harvest Trilogy
Pages: 394
File Size: 623 KB

Bitter Harvest is the second book in the Harvest Trilogy by Michael R. Hicks. The story starts one year after the ending of book one. When the world thought it was safe, outbreaks of the Harvesters occur, almost simultaneously, in cities around the world.

Jack Dawson, Naomi Perrault, and others from the first book, Season of the Harvest, try to understand what is happening and end up fighting the second generation of Harvesters, which are more deadly than then first—and are multiplying.

The storyline quickly engrosses and the action never falters. You will be turning pages quickly to see what happens next. The sequel will be released this year; I will be one of the first buyers.