Not Long Ago by Susan A. Royal

Rating: 5 stars
ASIN: B008E5Y4M8
File Size: 645 KB
Print Length: 252 pages
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Series: It’s About Time Book One

Not Long Ago by Susan A. Royal is the first time travel romance that I read, and I was not disappointed. From the start, I loved Erin’s first person account. Her telling is natural, almost as if she were talking directly to me.

I loved seeing the Middle Ages from a modern perspective, especially from Erin’s eyes. Dressed as a boy, she becomes squire to Sir Griffin, the knight she falls in love with. How long can she deceive him and everyone else into thinking that she is a lad?

From the first, she and March, her employer and fellow time traveler, try to find a way back to their time. In their search, they realize there are strange goings-on in the castle, and that Lady Isobeil is involved. Is she as evil as they seem to think?

There are some twist in the plot, and Erin faces difficult ordeals. Can she adjust to this time? Will she and Sir Griffin fall in love?

After reading the book I bought the sequel to see what happens to the couple and to find out what Lady Isobeil is really up to. Though Not Long Ago by Susan A. Royal stands alone, the story continues.