From Now On by Susan A. Royal

Rating: 4 stars
File Size: 4309 KB
Print Length: 362 pages
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Series: It’s About Time Book Two

This sequel in the “It’s About Time” book series, starts off on a fast pace and does not slow down. As in the first book, Erin’s narration is conversational. Even though the back story is seamlessly woven into the second book, I recommend reading the books in order just for the fun of it.

In this book, Griffin travels to Erin’s time and the couple returns to the future. Within hours of returning, Lady Isobeil sends Griffin to reconnoiter on Manx Island. When he fails to return, Erin gathers a few family members and friends to go out in search of him. Their adventure is filled with strange happenings, encounters with unusual people, lots of peril, and enough plot twists to keep the reader entertained.

Though I would like to give From Now On by Susan A. Royal 5 stars, I deducted one star because the book needs editing. If you don’t mind extra/missed words, I’m sure the story will delight you. It did me.