Sold To The Werewolf by Summer Cooper

Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Supernatural Romance
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This is the second book that I read from this author. Each book, in my opinion, could have used a better title and a better cover. Sold To The Werewolf is not a story about someone “sold” to a werewolf as the title implies nor is it about the chiseled male body depicted on the front. The story is about Jane and Zare and their marriage of convenience.

I liked Sold to a Werewolf but I feel that this novella should have been a novel to provide a better time continuity and a more developed plot. Ms. Cooper is a talented, upcoming author. She writes great dialog and steamy sex scenes—Jane and Zare have depth and interact well—but needs to work on the story arc including not rushing the ending.

If you are really into reading about werewolves, you may be disappointed with the way this story merely flitters around the edges of the genre. If you are into romances, this book provides a good love story with steamy sex scenes.