The Lost Healer: A Fantasy of Love by Rachel Robins

Ratings: 3 Stars
Genre: Supernatural Romance
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ISBN-10: 1540853268
ISBN-13: 978-1540853264
Pages: 110

The Lost Healer: A Fantasy of Love by Rachel Robins is a lead-in to the “Fortress Invasion” series. Frida, the healer, is unaware of her magical skills. She becomes a slave when her fortress is invaded by Agnarr. Daegal, another of Agnarr’s slave, spots her abilities and helps her escape to the north. Along the way, Rachel realizes that her heart is calling her to a different direction.

The story has potential but there are unresolved issues that I wish Ms. Robins would have developed in this book rather than keep them for another book in the series. What is the relationship between Agnarr and Daegal? How does the shape-shifting fit into the book? Why does Frida who does not believe in magic or prophesies leave Daegal after her dream? Without having resolved these issue there is no denouement; the book is merely an unsatisfying teaser.

In addition to developing the story arch, the book needs editing for grammar and spelling. This is a start for what could be a great story. I hope Ms. Robins returns to complete this book before she starts the next.