Bride of The Dragons by Selina Coffey

Ratings: 4 Stars
Genre: Supernatural Romance
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ISBN-10: 1537696181
ISBN-13: 978-1537696188
Pages: 330

Bride of The Dragons by Selina Coffey is a romance involving three strong individuals: Elokon, the alpha dragon; Siron his beta, and Adelina the human that is their soul mate. Together they make a strong compassionate team that rules the Blue Dragonflight.

I love strong female protagonist. Adelina’s character develops from that of a third daughter without a future to that of a formidable Queen. She enters into the marriage with Elokon fully aware that she is entering a menage-a-trois. Even though the bedroom scenes are steamy, they are respectfully described as between equals.

Unlike other paranormal romances that I have read, Bride of the Dragons includes messages about peace, acceptance of differences, and leadership qualities. These themes are weaved delicately throughout the novel and culminate all too quickly at the end. This is a short book, only 30,000 words and because I was enjoying the read, I was sorry to see it end.

If you enjoy dragon romances, do not miss this one. It is sure to please.