A Rose for Lancaster by Christine Elaine Black

Rating: 3 stars
File Size: 169 KB
Print Length: 77 pages
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Book One of The Tudor Rose Novella series

A Rose for Lancaster by Christine Elaine Black is an historical romance with a Tudor theme. Forced into a marriage contract to please King Henry VII, Blanche Langley, a York woman, and Giles Beaufort, a Lancaster man, struggle to maintain their identity and family loyalty.

The author adeptly portrays the personal conflict and mental anguish that each undergoes. We get into Blanche’s mind, understand her conflict and loyalty to the York faction, and watch her slowly fall in love with Giles. From the moment Giles sees Blanche, he is stricken with love and relieved that this forced marriage has coupled him with a young and beautiful woman. Will he be able to win her heart?

The story is fast paced. Mystery, intrigue, and romance prevail. I really enjoyed the character development of the leading couple. It was difficult for me to decide which I preferred; though, as a woman, I leaned towards Blanche for her strength and family loyalty.

If you are interested in a light read, I recommend this well-structured story.