Fractured Reign

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Erotic Romance
File size: 1212KB
Print length: 160 pages

Fractured Reign by Sharon Debisaran is the second book in the The Misguided Punishment Series is. It is not as steamy as the first book, though there are enough romantic scenes to entertain, but it has a better developed plot and more polished characters. To protect Kara from the sadistic General Degan, Logan flees the city with her. Will they manage to get to the Mindaleans, Kara’s people? Will the general get his ways with Kara? What will happen to the couple? Will the sacrifices they make be enough? 

The sadistic torture scenes may be difficult for some readers. If you are not offended by them, you might find Fractured Reign a light and entertaining read, with just enough tension to keep you turning the pages.