Forbidden Reward

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Erotic Romance
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ISBN-10: 0993664202
ISBN-13: 978-0993664205
Print length: 203 pages

Forbidden Reward by Sharon Debisaran is the first book in the The Misguided Punishment Series. On her first day of college Kara Brinner is attracted to Logan, but he refuses to show interest in her. One day during class, the Giddians rise up against their oppressors, the Mindaleans. As spoils of war, the Mindalean women are rewarded to the Giddians, with first pick going to the leaders. Logan, a Giddian officer, chooses Kara, the woman he has secretly fallen in love with. At first, Kara fights her captor. Logan, on of the is considerate with his “reward,” but he nonetheless takes his pleasures. Ms Debisaran’s descriptions of the seduction are titillating. The next day, upset about how her body betrayed her by responding to the steamy sex, Kara tries to find a way out.

To ensure the safety of his captive, Logan has his subordinate Jason watch Kara. Charged for her safety, Jason prevents Kara’s escape attempts. As Lara becomes friends with Jason, she slowly more about his and Logan and backgrounds, and  that matters could be worse.

Over the span of two weeks, Logan discovers that the Giddian ideals for which he fought are not what he anticipated. Women are treated like house pets and sex slaves, towns are bombed, and people are killed and buried in mass graves. He fears for his and Lara’s lives. When his superior wants to ravage Kara, Logan tries to find an escape…and the book ends without finding out what happens to Kara, Logan, and Jason. For that, you have to read the sequel.

In the first chapters, I had trouble getting into the story, perhaps because the book is written in third person with a little too much tell. As the story develops, I couldn’t put the book down. The characters become more complex and the pace quickens.

This book is not for the light-hearted. If explicit descriptions of abuse of women by men in power are offensive to you, don’t read this book. If you enjoy erotic romance with a good back story, don’t miss this one.