Married to Maggie by Jan Romes

Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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ISBN-10: 0991331206
ISBN-13: 978-0991331208
Print length: 246 pages

Married to Maggie by Jan Romes is the first book in the Texas Boys Falling Fast series. Ty Vincent, heir to the Vincent Oil fortune, has been grieving the death of his father for more than a year. Worried that his grandson is unable to take over the company, T. Loy Vincent, I, contracts Maggie Grey to marry his grandson.

As she approaches Ty, he decides that marrying Maggie would convince his grandfather and the board of directors that he was on the mend and able to run the oil business. To this end, he contracts Maggie to marry him. Will this duplicity come back to haunt her?

The engagement is short, one week. In that span of time, many things happen that might terminate the contract, including falling in love.

The book’s protagonist is Maggie Grey. She is strong, intelligent, and spunky. But will she make the right decision?

I recommend this light romance. I gave it only four stars because the book needs editing, but the plot is well-developed, the dialog is realistic, and the interaction between Ty and Maggie is intense.