The Fall of Billy Hitchings by Kirkus MacGowan

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Mystery and Suspense
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ISBN-10: 0984740708
ISBN-13: 978-0984740703
Print Length: 132 pages

The Fall of Billy Hitchings by Kirkus MacGowan is the first in the John Reeves novels. John supposedly works for Pearl Publishing and occasionally for Elite Bodyguarding. From his policeman father he learned his protective skills and how to conduct himself. 

The first twenty-five per cent of the book is based on character introduction: John Reeves; Billy Hitchings, a 19-year-old hamburger flipper; Kelly Pierce, archaeologist and John’s fiancée; Amfar Ditpra, archaeologist  and coworker to Kelly. I found this long character development tedious and confusing…I couldn’t tell which of these characters the book was really about.

Then bang! The action takes off and doesn’t stop until the end. I was riveted to this entertaining read. Excellent character interaction (though I was disappointed that Kelly just drops out), great plot with lots of surprises. I recommend this book for those who like action and mystery.