Steps to Heaven by Wendy Cartmell

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
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ISBN-10: 1467938815
ISBN-13: 978-1467938815
Pages: 330

Shortly after Solomon returns to Aldershot Garrison, he murders his wife and son, and then commits suicide. To solve the crime, Sgt. Major Crane teams up with Inspector Anderson—the military working with the local police.

Solomon’s murder-suicide is followed by two more murders at two different garrisons. What is going on? The story unfolds slowly (perhaps reflecting the speed of real investigations), but with enough twists to keep the reader’s interest.

I found the “let’s have a child” debate between Crane and his wife Tina distractive, the dialogue not working for me. I guessed that she was pregnant and wondered how such a brilliant investigator could be so obtuse.

Overall, Steps to Heaven is a good light read.