Proof the Novel by Ted D. Berner

Rating: 3-Star
Genre: Mystery and Suspense
ASIN: B01164T5S6
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ISBN-10: 0996415610
ISBN-13: 978-0996415613
Pages: 338

Proof the Novel by Ted D. Berner is a suspenseful mystery based on a quote from the Bible about giants living on earth. Having to take only one more class to graduate, Ty Larson meets a beautiful woman who is about to enroll in an archaeology class. Thinking he would like to know her better, he also enrolls in the class and then gets sucked by the possibility of there having been giants roaming the earth. As he researches the topic, Ty meets strange people and realizes that he is being manipulated, but to what cause?

Unfortunately, the book leaves us with more questions that answers. Who is manipulating Ty? Why is he “special?” What will happen to Ty and his father? Will the conspirators unleash an evil force into the world and if so, will Ty be able to change the outcome? To get the answer you have to purchase the sequel.

The premise of Proof the Novel is interesting but the pace is slow and somewhat repetitive, especially in the first half of the novel. As the mystery develops the story becomes more exciting. I would have preferred to see this installment tightened and the mysteries resolved without the cliffhanger and the need to buy the second book. If you don’t mind reading a story in two installments, you might enjoy Proof the Novel.