Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
File Size: 300 KB
ISBN-10: 1492827819
ISBN-13: 978-1492827818
Print Length: 124 pages
Audiobook Length: 2 hours and 39 minutes
Audiobook ASIN: B00JIJ3YXO

I read One Day in Budapest by J F Penn as part of the Deadly Dozen: 12 Mysteries/Thrillers set.

This novella involves Morgan Sierra, the protagonist from the first three books in the Arkane Series, but this is not an Arkane sanctioned undertaking.

When Morgan arrives in Budapest to return items stolen from the Jews during WWII, she finds herself trapped in a synagogue as angry mobs threaten to kill Jews in retaliation for that morning’s murder of a priest and theft of a stolen relic, the Holy Right.

Morgan decides to stay and help Zoltan Fischer, a Hungarian Jew, to find the relic before the terrorism escalates and innocent people are killed.

Since the story takes place in one day, there are fewer clues and plot twists as there are in other Arkane books, but Morgan’s character remains true, using her intellect and inquisitive nature to follow the evidence.

I know very little about the racial disturbances and political goings-on in Hungary. Ms. Penn brings these to my attention with a gripping story. I think you too will enjoy this book.